Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant - percussion, vocals, electronics, distortion technician.

Deftly met Andrew Grant in 2001, while he was the guitarist in the industrial rock band Tragedie Ann and still too young to get into many of the venues he was playing in. At the time, Andy's band was already playing with bands ranging from Pigface to Bile to Prurient to Sheep On Drugs.

After the end of Tragedie Ann, Andy took a serious redirection into noise, power electronics and dark ambient work with his solo project The Vomit Arsonist. He also played drums in the punk band White Load, while getting his BA in communications and film studies.

Andy's multimedia and multi-instrumentalist skills coupled with overlapping influences, a strong collaborative chemistry, and a core understanding of what Nau-Zee-auN was about and aiming for made him the perfect musical addition to the once solo project.

Also in bands:
Abuse By Consent
Black Traitor
The Blast Floor Sessions
Tragedie Ann (2000-2006)
Thee Virginal Brides
The Vomit Arsonist
White Load


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