Deftly-D (a.k.a. D. Dodson) - Power tools, scrap metal percussion, vocals, electronics, turntables, video, performance art, sound design, conception and writing.

Deftly-D founded Nau-Zee-auN as a solo project and alternative outlet from his first band, Zero Times Infinity in the Summer of 1995. Since that point Nau-Zee-auN evolved into a rhythmic structured project that continues to evolve while holding true to it's original noise and experimental roots.

Besides his work in Nau-Zee-auN and Zero Times Infinity, Deftly-D is a member of Abstinence, Terrorfakt, Orgy Of Noise, Abuse By Consent, and c.i.r. Deftly has been a member of Dominion, The Hawaiian Shirt Mafia, Data Bank A, and other bands. Deftly has collaborated played with and/or remixed a host of acts including Merzbow, Genesis P-Orridge, and Zipper Spy and been referenced as one of the most important promoters and DJ's in New England's industrial scene.

With Nau-Zee-auN members, Jared Falcon and Andrew Grant he conceived of and implemented the world's first live 3D video sample performances.

Also in bands:
Abuse By Consent

The Blast Floor Sessions
The Catastrophe Orchestra

Data Bank A
The Hawaiian Shirt Mafia
Orgy Of Noise

Zero Times Infinity


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photos top to bottom by DJ Rabid Angel, Tammy Rubicat and Bill T Miller