Jared Falcon

Jared Falcon - video, electronics.

Jared has been dabbling in the world of video for well over 10 years.
He has VJ'ed many psytrance, jungle, and IDM events throughout the Northeast and Canada. He also performed with industrial, breakcore, powernoise act Scrape[dx]  before offering to help Nau-Zee-auN realize the ideas the Deftly wanted the project to take involving live use of video sampling. Jared's experience has been integral to Nau-Zee-auN's current multimedia show.

Jared has also delved into noise and dark ambient music with his solo project November 14. November 14 is one of the few noise acts to use video scratching as a source for sociopolitical media barrages.

Also in bands:
November 14


more photos at myspace.com/nauzeeaun and myspace.com/novemberfourteen

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