Mike D'Errico

Mike D'Errico - accoustic drums, etc..

Classically trained percussionist, composer, and musicologist, Mike D'Errico a.k.a. The Attic Bat has made his name in the area performing with various groups including Seacoast Spotlight Award winning quirky pop ensemble Murkadee, funk band Moon Minion, The Pharohs instrumental hip-hop group, while earning a living on freelance gigs and selling old shit. He has had numerous compositions premiered and performed, along with presenting academic research projects on topics such as hip-hop and the compositional process of the DJ, Stravinsky, Electronic Music, and Stockhausen, at multiple university research conferences. In 2008 he formed the 3 in 2 Percussion Ensemble to perform Minoru Miki's epic "Marimba Spiritual," and since then they have commissioned multiple original works, along with performing repertoire from composers such as John Cage and Steve Reich.

Deftly met Mike when he was a freshman at the University of New Hampshire around 2005. In trading info about music Deftly introduced Mike to a wide range on music including early industrial, hiphop, rhythmic noise, idm and breakcore which the university did not cover in their programs. This influence came out in Mike's senior presentations where Mike performed original pieces that in some cases where built on inovative deconstruction of break beats along side performing pieces by John Cage, Iannis Xenakis and Aphex Twin.

Deftly and Mike worked together on a few projects leading up to Mike and Roland being asked to work on Deftly's concept for a multimedia club night called ORDNANCE! During this time Mike also began a collaborative 8 bit chip tune project called The Attic Bits.

In 2010 after a run of drumming with Roland Adams in ORDNANCE!, Mike was asked to join Nau-Zee-auN.

Also in bands:
The Attic Bits
Mike D and the 3:2 Percussion Ensemble
The Attic Bat Conspiracy
The ORDNANCE! Residents


Mike taken at HellLabs in New York

mike taken at ORDNANCE! by Observationpost



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top photo from HellLabs
botton photo taken at ORDNANCE! by Observationpost